5th International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence
Intelligent, flexible and connected systems in products and production
November 11th (Wed.) - 13th (Fri.), 2020: Bremen, Germany

Program Information


The program provides an overview of the conference’s presentations. The detailed program of each day can be found by clicking on the “Date”. Here you will find the authors and paper titles. To obtain more information about the sessions including papers' abstracts, please click on the session title. Once you are logged into your ConfTool account, you can add a session to your personal conference agenda by clicking the plus icon next to it. This might help to keep track of the program during the conference.


Information for Presenting Authors


To present your paper, you will have a total of 20 minutes (10 minutes for posters, respectively). Please be aware, that 15 minutes are for the actual presentation and 5 minutes are reserved for discussion. For posters, there will be 7 and 5 minutes for presentation and discussion, respectively. The session chairs will keep track of the time. Please prepare your presentation as a prerecorded video. This video must be uploaded by November 3, 2020. The presentations during the conference will be live, using a conference streaming program. The prerecorded videos will be used as a backup and additionally for a presentation database available for registered participants.


Video Submission


Template Poster Presentation